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Jurisdiction of the Nagpur Office


Department Jurisdiction
Central Accounts Section All Offices of the Reserve Bank of India having Public Accounts Department / State Government Cell
Administration Division (including BECC, Raj.Cell, P&SO, Lounge Staff) Nagpur Office
Issue Department      
Resource Jurisdiction   Maharashtra : 24 Districts
  Madhya Pradesh : 06 Districts
Chhatisgarh : 14 Districts


  44 Districts
Accounting Jurisdiction   Maharashtra : 14 Districts
Madhya Pradesh : 45 Districts
  Chhatisgarh : 16 Districts


75 Districts

Public Accounts Department

For Inspection of Bank Branches conducting Govt. business - Entire Vidarbha & M.P.

Public Debt Office

Parent PDO for M.P. & Chhatisgarh.

Deposit Accounts Department


Deptt. of Information Technology Cell

Nagpur Office

Rural Planning & Credit Department

11 Districts of Vidarbha Region.

Exchange Control Department Cell


Urban Banks Department

11 District of Vidarbha Region and 8 Districts of Marathwada 173 Urban Co-operative Banks.

Regional Audit Cell

Nagpur and Bhopal Office
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National Clearing Cell

Nagpur : 60 members + 14 sub-members